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  • Yancheng Kaiwei Chemical Co., Ltd.

    Yancheng Kaiwei Chemical Co., Ltd.

    Yancheng liren chemical trade co.,ltd,Yancheng Kaili New Material Co., Ltd.

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    About UsKaiwei Chemical

    Yancheng Kaiwei Chemical Co., Ltd. ( Yancheng liren chemical trade co.,ltd,Yancheng Kaili New Material Co., Ltd.)was established in May 2006. Located in Funing High-tech Industrial Development Zone of Jiangsu Province, we are mainly engaged in the production and trade of pesticides and pesticide intermediate products. At present, our main products are as follows : Cyclosulfonic acid and its intermediates 2-Chloro-3-methyl-4-methanesulfonylbenzoic acid,  Methyl 3-bromomethyl-2-chloro-4-methylsulfonylbenzoate Flufenacet Acetamide and its intermediates (cas no:27603-25-4;  cas no: 54041-17-7)and so on...

    As a technological chemical enterprise integrating scientific research, development, production and sales, we are receiving high reputation for strong technical force, advanced production technology and complete testing means. Now, our product quality has reached the international advanced level, thus they are well sold both in Chinese and international markets. Our company will follow tis enterprise spirit of "being practical, innovative and dedicated".

    As a new star in the chemical industry, Kaiwei has built a young and professional marketing team with modern management and marketing model, and serves customers with excellent product quality, excellent service and competitive price.

    All staff of Kaiwei sincerely welcome people to carry out extensive exchanges and cooperation in economy, trade, technology and information to build a better future!

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